Utica Mack Named Mack Masters #2 in the Northeast

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mack masters top 5 in nation_1Look around you. Your service department is filled with everyday champions. Mack Masters are professionals from parts, warranty and service. And though they may excel at their individual jobs, they can really turn it on as a team. That’s what the Mack Masters Competition is all about. The competition is brought to you by Mack Trucks Academy because it is both a team building and training opportunity for dealership service and parts professionals. Here, dealership teams are formed to learn together and to compete together. Mack Master challenges will develop problem solving skills related to everyday customer service issues.The competition is designed to drive improved quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction in your parts and service department. Additionally, Mack Masters will fuel pride and reward your service and parts people, your dealership’s most valuable assets when it comes to maintaining the truck your customer can truly count on. Join us for the inaugural Mack Masters Competition.

mack masters top 5 in nationThe inaugural Mack Masters Competition, which began Nov. 17, will challenge teams of service and parts personnel throughout Mack Trucks’ North American dealer network to demonstrate their superior knowledge, skills and teamwork.

Utica Mack participated in the Mack Masters this year and placed #2 overall in the Northeast and #10 out of 223 teams in the United States and Canada! Congratulations to Utica Mack’s Team!

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